An introduction to the RuneScape Soul Society...

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    An introduction to the RuneScape Soul Society...

    Post  Tig on Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:43 am

    The RS Soul Society was established in early March, 2012, when a small group of people from a previous clan, had a dream of playing a game without drama, dictatorship, and corruption. We have continued to evolve and bloom into a beautiful congregation of friends, who love and respect each other. No clan is perfect, and like all others we have our ups and downs, however I think most of us would agree the ups certainly outnumber the downs, making this clan continually successful in our goal to achieve the perfect clan. We always hold our arms open to any new RuneScape players who wish to join us, with no requirements other than to be capable of accepting all of us for who we are, which they will of course, receive the same courtesy. Clan events are never mandatory, but are encouraged, as is the citadel work. We are here to talk to, help each other, and most of all, have fun!

    I have been in plenty of clans in my 8 years of playing this game, and can safely say that this one, without a doubt, is the best I've personally had the pleasure to be apart of.

    Happy 'Scaping <3



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