IRC Help (Registering + Using)

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    IRC Help (Registering + Using)

    Post  Tig on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:54 am

    A bonus of downloading SwiftKit, is the ability to use the IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
    It is an easy way for the clan to communicate, sharing links and pictures without having to faf around with filters, plus the ability to paste directly into the chat. There is also the joys of IRC bots (not the evil RS destroying kind) like Runescript, for example, who's scripts allow users to instantly find up to date GE prices and graphs, Stats lookups, clue scroll help, skill calculators... the list goes on and on. There are other available fun bots with game scripts too.
    SwiftKit isn't the only way you can access the IRC, but it's probably the easiest, so i'd reccomend it most.

    Ok so lets get started!

    If you havn't already, download SwiftKit. You'll find a simple guide here.

    Once you've done that, follow these Instructions...

    Open SwiftKit, and click "Show internal utilities" on the right hand side of the page.

    Then below, click on what I can only describe as a Pac Man head Razz

    Then in the spaces provided, put your RuneScape name next to Nickname, and type #SoulSociety next to Channel. If you make any mistakes at this point, it won't work, so pay attention Wink

    Click Connect.

    Now we can get you registered.
    Type in the box /ns register password password email email

    Obviously don't type in "password", substitute it with a desired password NOT YOUR RUNESCAPE PASSWORD! And then your valid Email address. They both must be written two times, to avoid errors.

    Note you will recieve an email with a registration code so the email address must be real.

    you'll then see a private message that only you can see

    Then check your emails. It can take a few minutes before you get the email, but it's usually instant. If you don't receive one, then check your junk folder. You WILL be sent one if you do it correctly.

    Copy the code given in the email and post it into the IRC like this

    Substitute <passcode> with the code you received.

    Congratulations! You have now registered in the IRC and you can go make yourself a cup of tea... or saki Wink

    You can now type in "/ns id password" (substitute password with your IRC pass) to identify yourself in the IRC. Alternatively, you can set up "auto ID" when you come into the channel, by clicking on the option before you connect.

    Play around with the options, and get yourself familiar with it all. You can turn off the filter so you can see links too.

    Any Questions, feel free to message me!

    Ms Yoruichi
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